An ex-associate of mine once said to me that everyone should die...because we're all some way....I somewhat agreed, in my mind, about the "everyone being sinners" part, seeing as how most people do things that could be considered a sin, although some not nearly as severe as others....but still sins nonetheless...
I've realized that most, if not all, sins stem from selfishness. There's the 7 deadly sins, of course --

  • Pride: thinking you're better than others...thereby taking credit from them, and giving it to yourself
  • Greed: this one I won't explain. It's obvious how it's related to selfishness
  • Envy/Jealousy: Wanting something of another person's.
  • Sloth: not wanting to give yourself to helping others, since you'd rather be a lazy ass.
  • Lust: wanting to use someone's body for your own gratification, and simply gratification.
  • Anger: taking out rage on someone else, because you can't/won't handle something.
  • Gluttony: scarfing down food endlessly, with no regard for others who might want/need it

    Each one of those goes back to selfishness...people commit those sins for their own gratification...without a thought of how the other parties involved will feel...although those sins, commited in small, far spaced out doses, won't make someone a total asshole, someone who's totally out for themself, and heinously commits them with regularity, is the one who deserves to die...they're the ones who purpously make life difficult for others...they're out for themselves (and/or their clique, in some cases)...these people think they're gods on Earth...and although some people also believe that about these people, sometime, somehow, they'll fall....

    "Then it all crashes down
    And you break your crown
    And you point your finger, but there's no one around
    Just want one thing
    Just to play the King
    But the castle's crumbled and you're left with just a name
    Where's your crown, King Nothing?

    †Metallica, "King Nothing"

    These are the people who you hear bragging about their makes them big, in their eyes, when they bring themself up (in their mind) by sending someone else down, in some way, beit a simple name calling, or a severe beating...they don't see that that shit won't work forever...they want it all, now...glory...although they might get some, they're preparing to fall...they live for right now, and as long as they have what they want, they're set...little do they know that there's a future ahead of them...they don't think of what their actions will lead to...their eventual downfall...

    "Come all you sinners
    Come now in your glory
    and my ears will listen
    to your dirty stories
    you're fighting to go up
    you're sure on your way down

    †Alice Cooper, "Hallowed Be My Name"

    They don't consider what could be, if they do more than just for themselves...if they think of others....and realize that they're not all that matters...if they even matter....that all's they do is destroy others, while giving themselves their false sense of worth or security....

    "Let's take a walk down the hallway,
    It's a long way, it takes all day,
    And when we get to the end, ya find a chair,
    With straps and chains, we slap you in there!
    Lock you down tight, so you can't move a thread,
    And, pull your eyelids up over your head!
    Cuz you're about to witness an Illusionary dream,
    It's just too bad it ain't what it seem

    You walk in and see two kids on the floor,
    They're playin' nintendo, and he's got the high score,
    And sittin behind them, chillin' in the chair,
    Is your wife, and you look, oh, you ain't there!
    It's some other man, and they're hand in hand,
    How she looks so happy, ya don't understand,
    See, this an illusion, it never came true…
    All because of you!

    Back to reality and what you're about,
    Your wife can't smile, cuz you knocked her teeth out!
    And she can't see straight from gettin' hit,
    Cuz you're a fat fuckin' drunk piece of shit!
    But it's all good, here, come have a beer,
    I'll break the top off it, and shove it in your ear!
    And your death comes wicked, painful, and slow…
    At the hands of Milenko!

    †Insane Clown Posse, "Halls of Illusions"

    Some get theirs soon...they slip up...and fall hard...others get away with their treachery...until life takes them by their throat and knocks some sense into them...and shows them that their shit won't work in the real world, the way it worked in their little world...some get away with the shit their whole lives...they don't suffer...they coast through life...but most...they're straightented out, some how...and those who deserve to rise up and succeed...the ones who worked hard...helped others...sacrifced themselves...they're who make it around here....we don't deserve to die....those who take get their glory in a short spurt, and then they're chewed up and spit out by the unforgiving reality that they didn't see while in their little world....but those who give...they get their glory later, and it lasts....and they're in charge, then...what was a little world for the sinners is a reality for those who gave...