So, now you think I'm a Satanist?

You know, people come here, and they read what I have about Satan here (or just see that the word Satan is on the page), and they ask me if I'm a Satanist. They think that, just because I find the topic of Satan interesting, that I worship it (yes, Satan is an "it). Now, you see, Satan, to the (LaVeyian) Satanist, is not the Satan that my pages are about. The Satan that Satanists worship is themselves. Yes, that's right, they worship themselves, because they believe that they are responsible for themselves, and what they do, not God. The Satan that my pages are about is the Satan that The Bible, speaks of, the fallen angel, Lucifer (who you can find info on on my Satan pages). Since the Christians view Satan as the one responsible for the evil thoughts that dwell in the minds of most humans, Anton LaVey (who started Satanism [see my Anton LaVey page]) thought that these evil thougts (lust, jealousy, etc..) were Satan, themselves.

Now, you see that I have info on the Chrsitian view of Satan, not on the Satanist view of Satan. And, if you haven't figured it out yet, No I'm not a Satanist.

Thank you