Mankind, the Rapist

Man's inborn selfishness will destroy anything and everything it can. Considering the countless things that have already been raped by him ("him" refers to mankind, for the record), I cannot possibly name them all, although I will do my best. I use "rape" as a metaphor because, basically, rape is the act of using something (generally, a human) for one's own gratification. You'll understand by the end, I'm sure.

First off, we'll look at one of the largest entites he has raped -- Religion. Jesus Christ, whether he was actually the son of God or not, was the basis for the religion known as Christianity. He taught us to unconditionally love, and to give all we could to our fellow man. What did mankind eventually do? They turned it into a money-machine, as corrupt Popes and ministers used their churches to bleed people dry. Although that is hardly noticible anywhere (as most people today aren't so controlled by the church, with the advent of seperation of church & state in many places) today, it was, and it resulted in The Crusades, the selling of indulgences (i.e. paying off ministers to absolve one for one's sins), and virtually controlling entire countries with corrupt power. The actions of the past have left Christianity looking like a legion of hypocrites who despise anyone who is not of their faith. Few detractors realize the difference between "true" Christians (those who follow the source: the words of Christ) and the ones who put The Pope on a pedestal (as he was during the vastly corrupt times) and go against many things that Christ preached about. And, there's how humans managed to rape an entire religion.

Considering how easily he raped a backbone of the human race, it took no effort whatsoever for him to turn the Internet into a land of hate, sin, and selfishness. It, like religion, was created with positive reasoning in mind. It was way to access virtually any recorded information. Only the most advanced humans could do it, of course, until the average man gained access. Within years he turned it into a ring of pornography, hate-propaganda, and crime. The positive aspects are still there, but if the Internet were a park, the negative aspects would be litter, and the litter is often in the way of the good rides. E-mail turned into a way for shifty businesses to sell their half-assed products. Free web hosting became a way for pornographers and piraters to make their illegal products just as easily ascessible as a web page on Golf. I think I've adequately described how man raped the Internet, now.

Art is yet another victim in man's quest to fullfill his selfish gratification. What was originally a way to express one's creativity, emotions, and talent, is now just a tool for businesses to whore out for profit. Music in this country (United States) now is basically only known if it's used by MTV in order to rake in ratings thus creating more revenue. It's no longer a 3 year old Beethoven composing simply because he's got the talent to do it, and loves doing it, it's a 30 year old with a seventh grader's mindset spouting off "fuck" every other word and proving what low standards the nation has in the field of music. Stringing together sentences simply because the last word of them rhymes is a far cry from Art, which is what music is, at its core. Man turned it into just another machine for creating profits, and I thank God that at least some still treat it as Art. Their satisfaction in their work most likely more than makes up for the profits they're not making (since they're not whored out).

Marriage was first meant to join together a man and woman who love each other. Now what is it mainly used for? Legalities. Now marriage has become less of a "I want to be with only you forever, so let's get married" thing, and more of a "we can file joint tax returns and have lower taxes if we're married" thing. A clear point in how man has raped marriage is how obscenely easy it is for him to get a divorce. With the speed of a quickie marriage, two married people can easily become unmarried. Divorce itself has even been raped. It was first implemented back when marriage was strictly a religious thing, for when the man did not provide what he said he'd provide, but now it's just used by man for himself, and is not even a shadow of its former self.

Have I covered enough? I believe that I have, although I could probably go on for pages, if i was so inclined to. Right now I am not, although there's no telling if a sequel could one day be created, so check back.