Joseph is a man. The doctors who witnessed his birth will back him up on that one. He is not like any other man you know, however, because so few men have a self-drawn picture of small alligators on a desk on their wall, as well as a stuffed monkey on top of their closet. Now, Joseph doesn't like to be praised as a genius, but he's very straightforward, and will quickly agree with all who tell him he is one. Joseph is not much of a dancer, but that doesn't get in the way of completing his job at a prestegious computer company. It may be fourth or fifth in the list of reputable computer companies, but we all know it's got a little more prestiege than the other ones. Anyway, now that you know that Joseph is an male with a monkey on his closet, I think you're informed enough about him to want to read the rest of his site. That is, if you're bored and just looking to kill time. If not, walking around in circles would be as, if not more, entertaining than this site, to you. Walking in squares might be more challenging, though.

If you want to say something to Joseph, his e-mail address is