A Joseph Easter

Our day begins with a photo of Joseph in his natural habitat. The photographer narrowly got away, after the rare and elusive Joseph caught sight of her.

Here we find Joseph resting upon his automobile. The blinding light wasn't enough to stop him from getting a photo there.

And here is Joseph within the walls of his home. As you can see, the glare hides his smokey blue eyes, making it certain that they shall not be seen until he is viewed in person.

Here we see Joseph upon the floor of Grandmother's house, attemping, and failing, to look seductive for Alisha.

Here is what happens when Joseph drifts off to Daydream Land while Katelyn is in the room.

Now we find Joseph trapped between his mother and Katelyn. He shocked them by actually smiling, then made his escape.

But the Katelyn was too quick, and captured him after he made his way outside.

Joseph, along with AJ (Aaron; cousin) and Father (who doesn't like his image being online, so it's covered for his protection).

A rare image of Joseph looking moderately cheerful in the presence of Grandmother. No, really, she's not that bad, just pain-in-the-ass sometimes. Again seen with AJ.

Those are the best pictures that came out. I hope you enjoyed seeing me as much as I enjoyed flaunting my staggaringly good looks (*cough*bullshit*cough*).