Strangely, no one's thought to question just how a 72 year old man has maintained a figure such as this one for so long.

Although we usually don't see it, as he keeps his shirt on most of the time...

...since he's nicely dressed, for the most part...

...the uncomfortableness expressed by his wife, when we questioned her...

...let us know that something was up with our hero, Bob.

So, after a little investigating, we found some startling news.

Bob wasn't like other Bobs. No, this Bob is different.

Because, our friend Bob has a quality that other Bobs don't.

The truth is, our hero is actually


After a little more research, and fiddling with his circutry, we got him to divulge some information.

And we were led to the lab of his creator, pictured here with our Bob:

He was nice enough to show us the plans that helped him build cyborg Bob:

But, even counting the fact that he's a cyborg, we can't turn away.

After all,

He is our hero, Bob.

This story is fictional, as is the photo of his frame and him as a cyborg.
Those two photos were shown to me by everyone's favourite Bolt member, Flannigan.