The point of this page is simple. It is that which I do not like, and why I do not like it. Sometimes an example will be used, which I hope will help show why I find it annoying.

  1. Argumentativeness Without Reason - A prime example of this is a parent's use of the reasoning "Because I said so." If you have no good reason for wanting your way, you don't deserve to get your way. To a lesser extent, disbelieving someone for no good reason also falls into this category. I find these traits to be greatly annoying.
  2. Hypocrisy - Those who make use of this are as deserving of a beating as liars are.
  3. Failure to Adhere to the Rules of Your Native Tongue's Written Word - I was at a web site earlier. One one of the message boards was a paragraph long run-on sentence, complete with letters used as words, and broken English. At the end, the writer of it stated that he hopes it helps whoever reads it. What's helpful about something that takes 10 times longer to read than it should take? If you're going to be using a medium of communication such as the written word, do it right. Doing it without following the rules is as useful as getting drunk off your ass and trying to teach someone something.
  4. Lying - Lying is nothing but a branch of selfishness, in many cases. Although sometimes it may spare feelings, it's always deception, and should not be used.
  5. Stupidity - This, I feel, should be painful. Feeling this way, I try to make it painful, in some way, for all who make use of it. I'm paitently waiting for the day that I can get fired one if the idiots I work with who are nothing but knuckle dragging primates who don't deserve to be in my benevolent presence.
  6. The Internet - All I hate, rolled into one ridiculous ball, and magnified. Every ignorant, stupid, racist, homophobic, asinine jackass on Earth has somehow gotten onto their parents' AOL account and infected the Internet with their "special" brand of indescribable refuse. The ratio between the number of intelligent people, and complete idiots, that I've met on the Internet is almost enough to make me hate everyone until they prove themselves to be more than a dead-eyed, sloped foreheaded, broken-English speaking, incoherent asshole.
  7. Ebonics - The fact that this is actually now a "language" brings me displeasure. This is not a language, but a group of peoples' rape of a language. A language whose terms change every time a new Rap record is released is not a language, it's a fad. Also, it's fucking annoying when some fool who thinks he's a "gangster" ends every fucking sentence with "yo." Some idiot was talking to me like that back when I worked in a convenience store, and I just wanted to leave his idiotic ass there for someone else to wait on him.