Christianity, Revealed

A lot of people seem to degrade Chrisitanity, and its followers, the Christians. Although I don't have a problem with someone not agreeing with the beliefs of Christians, or the idea of Chrisitanity, I DO have a problem with those who base their dislike on invalid reasons, or are just plain ignorant about the entire religion. Now I will make an effort to dispel all the false statements about it that I've come across.

The founder of modern Satanism, Anton Szandor LaVey, believed that Christians repress their natural desires in order to conform to Christ's teachings against selfishness. There ARE "Christians" who DO suppress desires for the sake of conforming to the teachings of Christ. Unfortunately, for them, they are NOT Christians. The way I see it, a "true" Christian would not have to suppress their selfish desires, because they'd be happy emulating Christ, and would have a clear understanding of why the desires are wrong, thus leaving them without the said desires. So, that clears up one invalid statement about Christians...or, rather, it points out a group of people who proclaim to be Christians, who really aren't.

Another ignorant steretype about Christians is that they're against practically anything, and that they're "perfect/light/fluffy," as if they're pathetic losers who do nothing but pray and preach 24/7. This cannot be farther from the truth. Actually, it's about as far from the truth as every other moronic statement ignorant people make about them and Christianity. That's about as valid as the people ignorant about Satanism, who accuse Satanists of being nothing but small-animal-sacrificing sinners who do nothing but praise Satan. Anyway, as with all stereotypes, this one is totally invalid. Any perfect stranger on the street, who lives a full and productive life, could be a Christian, just as the well-dressed man getting onto a bus in the morning could very well be a drug dealer. The false "Christians" are the greatest enemy, it seems, for giving the entire religion the bad name it has, and is what's stopping others from even giving regard to a real Christian.

The next stereotype that sticks out in my mind is the one that portrays Christians as people who mercilessly try to force Christianity upon others. Christ DID teach his followers to spread the word of his teachings. HOWEVER, he did NOT tell them to thrust it upon unwilling listeners. The original Christians (the remaining apostles after Judas killed himself) went from country to country, telling them about Christ's teachings. If someone didn't want to listen, then it's their choice, and they didn't hear any more. The Christians of today who try to pressure people into joining the religion are NOT real Christians, for they don't even follow the teachings of Christ, when they try to force the beliefs upon someone else. The choice to become Christian should come from THE PERSON'S OWN FREE WILL, and NOT because it was pushed onto them by hostile pseudo-Christians. I'm beginning to feel as though this is turning into a "You Are NOT A Christian If..." type of page. But, it's not. If it helps wise up a pseudo-Christian, though, that's all the better.

There are a lot of people who don't believe that Christ was really the son of God. Some go as far as to say that Christ never existed. Do we have 100% solid proof of his existence? I'm afraid not, but why use that against Christians? The point I'm trying to make here is that, despite how there's the chance he could be fictitious, The Bible DOES have teachings in it, by someone named Jesus Christ, and those teachings, which I entierly agree with, myself, are valid, thus, even though he could possibly be fictitious, that's a flimsy reason for someone to be against the religion.

A more deluded bunch of antiChrists are those who say that Christianity is tantamount to Fascism. Considering how people only are "real" Christians if they actually agree with and choose to follow Christ's teachings, it's rather far from Fascism. If someone IS somehow forced to follow it, the neither they, or the person forcing them, are Christians. Another case of false Christians bastardizing the name of Christianity.

As far as I can remember, I covered the major problems that most people seem to have with Christianity, and dispelled them well enough. But, if I ever see anyone make any other invalid comments about it, that could be the door to a sequel to "Christianity, Revealed."