Ah, The Kovenant, from Norway, one of the first Metal bands I got into after Emperor. My friend had suggested their work to me, and I just absolutely fell in love with the underproduced, grim and frostbitten Black Metal song I tried, and also the lush, beautiful Progressive Black Metal one from the album after the one that had the previous song. Since then, they've delved into a more futuristic, "Industrial" sound. It's all good, to me. Well, until they record an album I don't like, of course.

And now onto Sweden's now disbanded Sacrilege. Their Gothenburg Metal is loud and chaotic, and their vocalist would be considered annoying by those who aren't into the "extreme" Metal genres. How people can call nonsense like "Nu-Metal" heavy when noise like this exists is beyond me. Anyway, you've noticed that I cannot say much about them, as, well, I don't know, while I like them, I'm not as into them as I am other bands.

Voltaire! The Goth musican who mocks the very genre and subculture he's a part of. His lyrics are both entertaining and can be related to, and the music seems simple, yet still has a lush, full, enthralling sound to them.
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This is an Illinois duo that creates gothic, atmopheric compositions that would remind you of a horror movie soundtrack. I just found out about them recently, and have yet to even acquire an album, although I felt they deserved mention, as they do what they do very well.
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I'll have more here, eventually.