There is little I can say about this band. They are both everything you've heard, and nothing you've heard. They're my favourite band. [Fan Site]

Dimmu Borgir are one of my favourite Black Metal bands. Herelded as "fags" and "sellouts" by detractors, they play the symphonic variety of Black Metal. [Official Site]

This is the band of my favourite guitarist. It's also one of my favourite bands all-together. They are Children of Bodom, named after a group of people slaughtered at Lake Bodom on May 6th, 1960. I cannot classify the type of Metal they play, although some people refer to it as "Melodic Death Metal." [Official Site]


The now defunct Norweigen Black Metal band Emperor are the band that got me into real Metal. After one listen to their song "The Burning Shadows of Silence," I was hooked. Too bad their last album was sub-par. [Official Site]

Opeth are my favourite Metal band. They are a Progressive Metal band from the far off land of Sweden. Their vocalist is my favourite singer, and also does my favourite Death Metal vocals as well. [Official Site]

Another Black Metal project. I don't have the details on this, other than it's fronted by a musician known as Blackheim, who's also got something to do with Katatonia. I'm not a fan of their work, so all I know is that he's a part (or was a part) of them. [Official Site]

I find this Power Metal band to be amazing. I like the Medieval influence, and vocals very much. They've got a second vocalist who performs Death Metal-ish growling vocals, which I find adds a lot to the music. [Official Site]

Edguy are quite a good Power Metal band. They've matured with each album, and their latest work is both mellow, powerful, and the vocals are great. Their vocalist sounds too much like Bruce Dickenson, though. Not that Bruce is a bad vocalist, but I'd prefer if vocalists at least had some kind of original sound, rather than being that similar. [Official Site]

The Scarr is a one man Metal/Goth project. Supposedly, a demon within him creates the music, while he does vocals and performs the violin work. Although that just doesn't sound right, to me. [Official Site]

Blind Guardian are a German band who went from Thrash/Speed Metal to Power Metal over the course of their continuing career. Their latest work was a huge, pretentious, epic disc of monumental proportions. Their vocalist is one of my favourites, while they're one of my favourite bands all together. [Official Site]